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Module 4
Complex problem 


In this module you will learn to manage and treat more complex problems effectively, such as chronic whiplash type injuries, chronic dizziness and headaches. Why symptoms?

/problems keep reoccurring, even after years of treatment and rehabilitation. 

You will also learn how you can easily incorporate NMFT's into your daily practice.

You will be able 2 "scan" a whole patient, in less than 2 minutes so all your patients can benefit from optimum musculoskeletal functionality, regardless if you are a chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist or medical doctor.

Great tool to examine many people in a short period of time at a sports,  foodball club or similar.


1: NMFT's used to diagnose coplex musculoskeletal problems.

3:Upper and lower body conection.

5: Strapping techniques.

2: Thoracic outlet syndrom. Clinical manifestation, diagnosis and treatment.

4: Treatment of hypermobile joints.

6: Participants will practice on friend, college and demonstrate understanding via zoom with feedback.

Followed by Review covering the whole course and Q & A.

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