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Module 1
Introduction into functional muscle testing



In this module you will learn, why functional muscle testing is a great tool to identify joint problems throughout the body. It literally will provide you with a window, so you can identifying the underlying mechanism for the presented problem. You will learn about neuro-muscular function, and about the latest science/theories that lies behind.

1: Why muscle testing?

3: Intro into Neuro Muscular Function Testing (NMFT).

5: NMFT practical demonstration.

7: Review.



2: Science/Theorries. Learn about Neural mechanisms in muscle weakness and how inhibitory interneurons can prevent alpha motor neurons from firing.

4: Muscles with clinic implications. -Trapezius -Pectoralis Major -Deltoid -Supraspinatus -Infraspinatus -Teres Major -Rhomboid -Coracobrachialis -Brachioradialis -Triceps -Biceps -Opponens

6: Participants will practice on friend, college and demonstrate understanding via zoom with feedback.

In this module you will learn about anatomy and mechanical function of specific muscles, that have a clinical relevans. You will learn about and practice of the clinical relevant Neuro Muscular Function Tests. (NMFT's) for the upper body. You will learn to perform the tests to extreme efficiency.


1: Anatomy and function of relevant muscles.

2: Practical demonstration.

3: Participans will practice NMFT's under supervision via ZOOM.

Th eabove process will be repeated for all individual muscles for the upper body. Follwed by Review and Q & A.

Efter at have været ude af praksis i nogle år, fik jeg genoplivet min passion som behandler efter at have arbejdet hos Morten og lært om NMFT. Det har revolutioneret den måde, jeg diagnostiserer og behandler på. Jeg har nu en test, som fortæller mig præcis, hvad behandlingen skal bestå af, og det har gjort en enorm forskel for mine patienter og min egen tilgang til behandling. Jeg er dybt taknemmelig for, hvad NMFT har gjort for mig og min praksis".”

Niels - kiropraktor



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